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Welcome to Redwoods Fasteners International Limited - that we supply spring steel series, customized parts, retaining rings, metal industrial fasteners and components for Construction, Rack Hardware, Energy and Power Industries. Those fastening products have been widely applied for daily merchandise in life. Such as agriculture, transportation, sports vehicles, computer, treadmill, washing machine, dishwasher and many other electrical goods... Its technology for everyday use and everywhere.

Production range : Cold Forging Nuts, Metal Stamping, Special Parts.

Material used : Carbon Steel, Carbon Spring Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel

Heat treatment : Case Hardening, Austempering

Surface treatment : Trivalent Galvanizing, Hexavalent Galvanizing, Nickel Plating, Black, Phosphate, Black oxide, Coppering, Tin Plating   (For example that parts with zinc plated construction ensures durability.)

Sorting : Vision by hand sort, Optical machine.

What we are proud of :
The member we cooperate in the team with serious working attitudes, high working efficiency, and outstanding work, and those are the essence of company's growth principle. We value your assignment and assure you of on-time delivery.

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