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Following are just part of nuts our factory produced, if you find nothing you are seeking, please contact with us for fast answer. Thank you!!

Your Best Factory Source for Weld Nut | Fastener (Flange, SQ, RD, Custom-Made)

For Nut Products List - 

Acorn Cap Nuts
All-Metal prevailing Torque Type Nuts
Automotive Fasteners
Auto and Motorcycle parts
Sleeve Bushing, Roller
Conical Washer Nuts
Flange Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
Flange Weld Nuts
Hex Flange Nuts
Hex Jam Nuts
Long Nuts (Coupling Nuts)
Pipe Nuts
Round Nuts
Sliding Nuts
Square Jam Nuts
Square Nuts
Special Nuts
Tee Nuts
Weld Nuts

For specials are considered fasteners of non-standard dimension, shape,and or material.

All we need is a print or a clear visible identification of the part.

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Welcome to Redwoods Fasteners International Limited - that we supply spring steel series, customized parts, retaining rings, metal industrial fasteners and components for Construction, Rack Hardware, Energy and Power Industries. Those fastening products have been widely applied for daily merchandise in life. Such as agriculture, transportation, sports vehicles, computer, treadmill, washing machine, dishwasher and many other electrical goods... Its technology for everyday use and everywhere.

Production range : Cold Forging Nuts, Metal Stamping, Special Parts.

Material used : Carbon Steel, Carbon Spring Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel

Heat treatment : Case Hardening, Austempering

Surface treatment : Trivalent Galvanizing, Hexavalent Galvanizing, Nickel Plating, Black, Phosphate, Black oxide, Coppering, Tin Plating   (For example that parts with zinc plated construction ensures durability.)

Sorting : Vision by hand sort, Optical machine.

About Redwoods Fasteners International Limited

About us -

The owner Mr. Kevin  Zhang who starting his business in the field of automobile repair plant in 2007 and being one export oriented company since 2015.

2015 had a change in management and along with it new stability and growth for the company. This new vision included a broadening of product lines and services and a renewed focus on quality and competitiveness. It has become imperative as one exporter for supplying from the sources that allow us to fulfill that vision and serve our ever-expanding customer base.

Our member in the team we cooperate with have serious working attitudes, high working efficiency, and outstanding work, and those are the essence of company's growth principle. We value your assignment and assure you of on-time delivery.

As a full line fastener supplier (Screws, Bolts, Nuts as well Stamping parts), mainly we represent several qualified manufacturers to serve customers in a wide variety of industries, from the small value boxes operation to the full container loaded manufacturer. Forging a lasting partnership with every customer has became to our ultimate goal. We are not that big, yet small and strong enough to provide personal, professional service.

After so many years in the global business of key staff (Ms. Sabrina K. Kuo and Mr. James Liu) in the past, we know what customers want from the vendor always. It's the same thing WE want from OUR trusted and strong relation partners; Great Customer Service, Top Quality and Competitive Pricing.

We feel that these three components offer what we are both looking for; total lowest cost.

Whether your not satisfied with your current vendor situation or you need to develop a new vendor relationship for a new market entry, Redwoods Fasteners can be that key component you need to deliver your product along its production path.

Let's enhance the way you do business just right for you.

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