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DIN & Standard Mechanical Components
Special and Drawing Components
Metal Forming Products and parts by continuous punching for Fastening in wood-frame or metal sheet construction

These can be applied for industry having Networking Installations, Electronics Enclosures and systems, Computer Server Racks and Equipment, Telecom as well Building and more other sections.

Ideally, their quick join function to secure two pieces metals together that very useful in countless applications in the fastener industry.

If you require any type of fastener for your job, think Redwoods Fasteners your first stop today!

Let us be your first Fastener Solution
Let us be your first fastener Solution

Flanged Nuts with 3 projections for weld on application

Tee type Flange Weld On Nuts | Round base 

Three projections right on the underside of the Head

Come with self-locating feature on this nut facilitates one positive positioning for weld on when application. 

Also, its long body can be ideal to permit more thread engagement. 

It can be used for a blind application that is required rather than a hole through condition and others.

Those products with speed up production and reduce fastening costs will be best choice for your fastening needs.