Cold Forging - Nuts

Fastener Nuts are used to fasten machine threaded fasteners in through hole applications. Lock nuts to help prevent loosening.

Also, nuts are designed to be welded around the holes that are pre-punched into sheet metal. And this provides a firm fixed nut for a screw or bolt connection well.

The self-locating pilot guides the nuts for automatic or hand feeding and protects the threads from possible weld spatter, in which available with self color finish (plain).

All weld nuts are also available with prevailing torgue feature.

The shape of nuts can be hexagonal (Jam and Nylock, Slotted, Castle), round, square, flange and tee shape, long shape and even special to customized.

Standards including DIN, ANSI (UNF / UNC), SAE, ASTM

DIN985 / DIN982 / ANSI
ASTM A194 2H