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High Quality Ensure Cost Down!!

[High Quality Ensure Cost Down]

[Implement Source Management to Ensure Procurement Quality]

If you are playing the role of purchasing management, then the following is must-know in your case.

Each piece article that we named Nut (T shape, round based, flange, hex, square, self-locking, wing, blind, projection weld, keps) can be making from carbon steel, brass, stainless steel and other grade of materials, more common is in coil shape at volume about 2 tons each at which being one major reason of minimum order quantity would be required basically.

Choosing qualified of wire rod raw material is much more important than other elements, keeping more stable and feasible, economic during production than you thought. 

Do the right thing right before starting definitely save you money!

Have you ever curious on how one piece of nut to be produced? 

Where are nuts born?

Nuts - you can see they very solid material, and visible from its appearance.   

But how about its functionality and precision? 

Not quite easy to find out from the appearance to judge at all.

However, these 2 features are truly the key to identify its quality level.

How one piece of Nut ensured the stability and effectiveness of its further operation?   

No need to bother, come to us, you will find what industrial nuts for your needs RIGHT here.

Not just small thing, but matter in customer service always.

Despite it is the little things, but do believe that matter in Customer Service to all sales activity.

The main products we supply cover Fastener Nuts that made in cold forging as well metal stamping.

As part of our service, RFIL can also supply matching bolts and a full range of washers obtained from approved sources.

We care what your fasteners needs always.

RFIL Being Your trusted Supplier of Fastener Nuts in Taiwan!

About us
Proudly serving the fastener industry for 25+ years since factory opened the door in 1989 where located in South Taiwan. We have on-site engineering available to design and quote to your exact specifications. Your parts belong to special is our standard. In-house quality control procedures make us stand out from the rest.

Our Service
Customer-focussed is our top priority and full satisfaction and trust is what we work for! 
Our Commitments
To ensure costdown by using high top quality of wire right before the production start.
To create extra value-added services
Keep improvement of product quality ability to beat customer requirements 
Deliver high quality for each customer is our top high priority.
To establish and strengthen long-term partnership from every customer.

Our Belief & Action 
What a successful business is defined by customer’s satisfaction.
Be all that we can be - Offer economic pricing with high quality and superior customer service to satisfy every customer around the world.

To maintain high quality delivery
For Products
Cold forged part - Dia. M2 to M24

DIN and standard parts, special for custom made parts to prints and or samples is welcome.

Cold Headed Tubing -
Spacers, Rings, Sleeves, Bushings, Piston Pins

Shapes available -
Flange Type, with weld nibs, with serrations, oval hole.

Material using -
All grade steel, high tensile 8.8 10.9 and 12.9 stainless steel A2 & A4, brass and alloy steel

Refinement processes -
Heat Treatment, Surface Treatment, Coating are by external corporate partners

Application -
Industrial Equipment, Household Appliances, Solar Energy, Automotive, OEM, Fastener Industry, Trailer, Commercial Vehicles, Renewable Energies Sector and Commercial Markets, Safety Seats, Chassis and so much.