Travailing Taiwan For Big Funs

What a wonderful season of spring in February right after Chinese Festival.

This topic we like talking about is Taiwan’s location (FOMOSA).  

Taiwan located in East Asia may be a small country, but since the central regions are covered by towering mountain ranges, it isn’t always the easiest place to get around. For west is the Taiwan Strait, which separates the island from China, and the Pacific Ocean lies off its east coast. Total area is only 35,801 km2 including towering mountains, sun-kissed beaches, coral reefs and idyllic lakes. Taiwan is definitely one good place for foreigner’s coming!

台灣位處東亞, 西隔台灣海峽與中國大陸相望, 東岸比鄰太平洋. 屬於小島的台灣, 總面積只35,801平方公里. 雖然如此, 卻蘊藏豐富的景觀, 包括高聳的山脈, 陽光普照的海灘, 珊瑚礁和充滿詩意的湖泊. 絕對是一個值得外國遊客造訪的好去處! 

One worth thing to bring up is it can be having lot of funs while coming to tour Taiwan around! Lots of interested things are just completing and waiting for you personally go experience during this season and other period.  
台灣好好玩 就等你親自蒞臨體驗. More info, go browse