Hex Flange Nut DIN6923 M12

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Current Approximate Inventory for size M6-P1.0 in class 10 with 350,000 pieces is available. 

If you required more product than is available, please just contact us by email. 

About Fastener Nuts Applied for | din6926 | din6927 | din6923

What strengths we have 

In terms of standard parts of steel nuts, below list are some parts at most competitive with high quality from our in-house production line based on MOQ in bulk.

For Example -

DIN 6926
DIN 6927
DIN 6923
DIN 928
DIN 929
DIN 985
DIN 982

DIN 980 V
..... and More

With a highly quality controlled during production in which reflected in all our products and process flows.

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