Cage Nuts

Cage Nuts are assembled by cage and nut together, both can be made from stainless steel and or carbon steel.

Size range is M3 to M12 and #6 to 1/2"

Surface can be Yellow Zinc, Zinc Plated, Nickel Plated, Black Oxide and Passivated.

Special in material and size could be customized.

The feature of cage nut is can be easily snap into the position without tools or skills, even my grandmother can do it by herself.

Its most popular application and common use is for equipment rack, installing server, storage cabinet as well other rack mount equipment......

Cage nuts doesn't require any special tools and this eliminating the need for special operations. Even good thing is the nut floats within the spring steel cage more than enough to offset normal hole misalignment. Plus, cage come with two wings that can be compressed and released to make easy installation during application.