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Hexagon Nuts Prevailing Torque Type V All-Metal | Self Locking Nuts DIN980

DIN980 (type V) are nuts without an insert, come with locking feature of increased friction is created by the appropriate deformation of the prevailing torque element of the nut. The locking feature great help to prevent the nut from loosening and will resist vibrations.

For Industrial Nuts at our Product ranges also cover - 

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Merry Christmas
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Hex Flange Nut DIN6923 M12

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Current Approximate Inventory for size M6-P1.0 in class 10 with 350,000 pieces is available. 

If you required more product than is available, please just contact us by email. 

About Fastener Nuts Applied for | din6926 | din6927 | din6923

What strengths we have 

In terms of standard parts of steel nuts, below list are some parts at most competitive with high quality from our in-house production line based on MOQ in bulk.

For Example -

DIN 6926
DIN 6927
DIN 6923
DIN 928
DIN 929
DIN 985
DIN 982

DIN 980 V
..... and More

With a highly quality controlled during production in which reflected in all our products and process flows.

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Black EPDM Washer - PC, PP, GAL

Black EPDM Washer

Applied for PC (Polycarbonate), PP (Polypropylene), GAL (Metal sheet) for high temperate not over 100 degree.

If any type of EPDM is needed,
welcome to contact with the sales at Redwoods for helps!

Round Weld Nut | 3 Projection - N909 293 03

Round Weld Nut | 3 Projection
Size : M8-1.25-6G (18X8.4L)
P/N : N-OR556-1

Technical Specification
Material : 10B21 + HARDEN Class 12
Finish : TL217 Of1-c340 
Proof Load : 42500N
Hardness : 272-353 HV30
Country of Origin: TW

Certifications Available : 
First Article Samples, PPAP Level III, IMDS, ISIR, Dimensional Layouts